Carolina Reviglio

Language Proficiency ~ Our family has a cosmopolitan outlook on life. We were encouraged to explore several languages from a young age. My mother tongue is Italian. I studied English in the United States and French in Paris. I’m fluent in all three languages and exploring others.

Homemaker & Restorer ~ I married relatively young and immediately went about making our house a home. Due to the nature of my husbands work, we moved often. However, each transplant was a pleasant challenge to rebuild, restore and decorate. We mostly chose older buildings. Our abodes ranged from stone cottages in the countryside and historic apartments in various Italian cities. There was never a shortage of opportunity to hone my decorating skills.

Motherhood & Cuisine ~ My daughter Mariasole became a focal point of our lives, as soon as she arrived. With an appetite to match those of her parents, life revolved around the kitchen. Cooking was never a problem for me. I love it. We lived in various parts of Italy, with differing traditions and palates. I was always kept on my toes when it came to the stove. Learning, experimenting, perfecting… cooking is an art form. I excelled in it. In fact, I’m writing a book of culinary thoughts an recipes. It’s part of my desire to preserve our food and beverage heritage.

Social Care & Upliftment ~ Charity begins at home. That was the motto in our family and we were taught to reach out and assist the less fortunate wherever possible. In addition, I really enjoy teaching young children, everything from theology to social skills. At the other end of the spectrum, the aged merit our attention. We need to treat our elders, in much the same way as we would like to be treated, when we inevitably get there too.

Conventions & Exhibitions ~ I grew up in Turin, the epicenter of the Italian motor vehicle industry. As a teenager and student, our pocket money often came from working on the stands of major exhibitions. In subsequent years I became more involved with the organization and management of events. This was particularly helpful when I began facilitating/attending events of my own.

Accounting & Auditing ~ Following in the footsteps of my father, I obtained a degree in economics and business. The know that the world of finance was not my final calling. but it did provide a solid foundation for my subsequent projects and endeavours.

Business Administration ~ My accounting skills were broadened by forays into larger companies as part of auditing teams.  This lead to a greater understanding of business processes and the efficient management thereof.

Financial Statements ~ Translating balance sheets and financial documentation into several languages, provides the opportunity to really understand the health of a business. A good presentation of financial statements reflects well on a company, a skill I apply to my own business.

Business Management ~ With a good understanding of the various aspects of a commercial enterprise, the role of manager is easier. With the ability to wear different hats within a company, I consider myself to be a good business leader.

Architectural Agency ~ Getting closer to my passion of building and restoring, I left manage\ment behind and became an assistant to prominent architects. Starting at ground level, the goal was to understand the process of bringing a building project to successful reality.

Interior Design ~ The next logical step for me was to become an interior designer. Something I have always done unofficially for friends and family. Doing so professionally for a fee, requires a different level of commitment and dedication. I revel in it.

Artistic Restoration ~ As my interior design skills and agency grew, I found myself gravitating towards the past. I really enjoyed breathing new life into older buildings, churches and abbeys. For me there is greater satisfaction in saving a structure than creating something new

Building & Reconstruction ~ The next step was to create an entity that could on turnkey projects. Right from a ruin, if necessary, to the final touches of the interior. A full service company called Atelier della Calce. The first three years were hard, but the growing pains gave way to a mature and prosperous player in the restoration industry.

Project Management ~ My business background and financial prowess have proved invaluable and Atelier della Calce has become a one-stop solution solver. We can handle projects of any size, from foundations to the last tile on the roof. Furthermore, we are often called in to fix failed construction sites. Undoing what has been done wrong and doing it right.

Productivity ~ From a personal perspective. I have become more tuned into technology. Using a strong suite of cloud apps to get things done, quicker and more efficiently. I can do everything from web design, photo editing and managing my own CRM. An early adopter of computers and the Internet, I employ affiliate marketing techniques, in conjunction with strong social media strategies. I work on the ground and live in the cloud.

Global Initiatives ~ While there is much to do in Italy alone, the problem of decay and loss of heritage is of worldwide concern. Given the reach of the Internet and power of social media, it’s entirely possible to make an impact globally. I’ve taken on the task of spreading the word to communities everywhere.

Time to give back ~ My mission is to help people all over the world… take their past into the future. No matter where in the world, nor what people do for a living, anyone can be a Heritage Ambassador. With over four decades in business and growing ever stronger in the field of restoration, my personal goal is to help stop the erosion of our culture. We are in this planet or a purpose… and mine is to leave behind a rich heritage, not only for my own daughter, but for the children of everyone. It’s up to us and succeed we must!

Carolina Reviglio in Florence, Italy

Carolina at the launch of – Convention Centre, Florence, Italy