Carolina Reviglio

Education ~ I attended school in Turin, Italy during the 60/70s. The Red Brigade years gave us a poignant insight to the world, outside of the school walls. In the late 70s I spent a year in the United States as an exchange student. The 80s were calmer and I studied well in the universities of Turin and Rome. I hold a degree in economics and business.

Price Waterhouse ~ My first foray into the world of business was being part of teams auditing in banks, engineering firms and large companies. This was a good grounding for a commercial career, although I did not consider it my calling at the time. The decision was made by a wedding proposal and departure from business to domesticated life.

Botteghe Del Mondo ~ Home and kitchen lacked challenges for me. Together with my husband, we started one of the first shops for Associazone Botteghe del Mondo, in Pontremoli, Italy. This gave me invaluable experience in the retail industry, while helping promoting fair trade at national and international level.

Piaggio Aero SPA ~ The family moved to Genoa, where I went back to university there for a while. New skills were used to help translate company balance sheets from Italian to English and French. This gave me insights into the aviation industry.

Finoil SPA ~ As a freelancer, I then explored the crude oil industry and translated the consolidated financial documents from Italian to English, for Finoil, based out of Genoa, Italy.

Consulaudit ~ Going back to my auditing roots, I contracted with this auditing firm and got involved in various team projects This time not just auditing, but translating financial documents from Italian to English and vice versa.

Various Architects ~ A move back to Turin, re-ignited an interest in architecture and restoring old buildings. An opportunity arose with an accomplished architect and others, where I spent four years, becoming acquainted with the building industry.

Interior Designer ~ With a better knowledge of architecture, I decided to focus more on the inside of buildings. Venturing out again as independent freelancer, several years of small projects kept me busy… and growing.

Atelier della Calce ~ The time came to formalize my interest in building, restoring and decor. Atelier della Calce was born and specializes in using natural materials. Restoring fragile historic structures to former glory, as well a saving modern buildings from a synthetic fate, we use lime. Not an easy material to work with, we’ve mastered the skills of many centuries. Our artisans are fully qualified to preserve, build and/or restore, without compromise.

ArtAcadia.org ~ I’m the doyenne of an international initiative, dedicated to preserving our heritage. We strive to protect, resurrect and preserve traditional skills, recipes and everything heritage. Using technology and advanced marketing, our goal is to take the past into the future…

Raison d’être ~ Despite a privileged background, good education, solid business experience… it has taken me four decades to come to the ultimate conclusion… my true passion and purpose is to preserve our heritage for future generations. It’s never too late and there is much to do. I know I can make a difference, using my acquired skillset…

Carolina Reviglio Restoring

Carolina restoring in the Abbey di San Francesco al Monte, Turin, Italy.